Top 3 Winter 2011/2012 Fashion Trends!
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Top 3 Winter 2011/2012 Fashion Trends!!

Fashion Designers from across the world have offered us a variety of new trends for the 2011/2012 winter season. Although these trends may have been around before, they are back-in-action and can be found locally in your hometown of Bozeman!! Apricot Lane Boutique in Bozeman is proud to offer top-quality, celebrity-inspired clothing by keeping up-to-date on ALL fashion trends! Below is a list of the Top 3 Winter Fashion trends of the 2011/2012 winter season.

Winter 2011/2012 Fashion Trend #1: Chunky Knit Sweater.
There is no wonder why warm chunky sweaters are included in the Winter 2011/2012 designer collections. Chunky knit sweaters are made in a variety of colors, shapes, fabrics, and sizes, and luckily, Apricot Lane Bozeman has an entire selection of knit sweaters available right here in town! Apricot Lane Boutique carries chunky knit sweaters from nearly 15 different brands, which truly offers you the chance to find the unique sweater that fits your individual style the best!!


Winter 2011/2012 Fashion Trend #2: Fur.
As with sweaters, fur is the perfect material for any winter outfit, and it looks completely chic too! Apricot Lane Boutique offers a variety of fur covered clothing, from fur vests and lined hoods, to full fur crop jackets! Apricot Lane Bozeman carries both genuine and faux fur items and loves to cater to anyone looking for a luxurious winter outfit!


Winter 2011/2012 Fashion Trend #3: Coats.
Winter is all about outerwear, as designer coats hit the fashion scene again! This is a very diverse trend this season, as designer coats have been created for the youthful, sexy, classy and extravagant women across the nation. Apricot Lane Bozeman carries a variety of beautifully made winter coats, coming in blazers, leather coats, pea coats and SO much more!! Stay warm this holiday season by looking fabulous in a one-of-a-kind winter coat, exclusively from Apricot Lane Bozeman!!


It’s as easy as 1,2,3!! Simply stop by your locally owned Apricot Lane Bozeman today to include these fabulous Top 3 Winter 2011/2012 Fashion Trends into your individual style wardrobe!!!

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